Learning Technologies 2019 – our review

Commercial Manager Spencer Martin gives the inside report:

“I was really looking forward to joining the fracas at Learning Tech this year – especially in the new venue. I’ve got some great memories of Learning Tech expos, and I felt like this was gonna be another great year.”

“I certainly wasn’t disappointed! High energy, high tempo, loads of companies showing off their shiny new systems and features – and of course some incredibly insightful and engaging talks. It was fantastic to see companies really focusing on coaching, mentoring, and general human wellness. These more human factors form an imperative part of a larger puzzle when it comes to driving learning cultures in business. It’s all about passion, growth, and creativity. It’s all about supporting our staff – but keeping that support hyper-aligned to the business direction and operations.”

“To keep it all balanced, the one area for improvement I noticed was that in some respects, it felt like nothing had really changed in terms of sales pitches or the way companies were positioning their product.”

“BUT! In general it was a great, insightful event, with some fantastic new tech being demonstrated, supported of course by the odd after-show beer, and a host of familiar (and new!) faces – all eager to discuss, share, and learn.”

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