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mobedia LX is the learning and development offshoot of mobedia, a digital innovation agency and our founding company.

We exist to focus on the specific Learning Experience (LX) solutions required from today’s L&D world, whilst maintaining the innovation and creativity mobedia is renowned for.

In a nutshell… we make really, really, really exciting learning experiences – that still work. 

Since 2011, we have increased learner engagement, generated record sales figures, topped industry ratings and earned world-class NPS results. We genuinely make a difference within organisations.

We’re passionately focused on learners. Knowing that ROI is already intrinsically linked to digital training, we use learner reviews and knowledge retention as our success metrics, rather than churning out the old: ‘WE CAN SAVE YOU £XXX WITH e-LEARNING!’ spiel. Because, at the end of the day, the learners are the ones whose opinions – and performance, and engagement – really make the difference, to you and to us. 

Our complementary creative and technical backgrounds mean we’re always pushing the boundaries of the ‘art of the possible’ – meaning we’re always developing new, exciting and innovative methods of delivery. 

After all… boundaries are there to be pushed… right? 

Meet the team.

Our success lies in the passion of our people, who collaborate on each and every mobedia LX project. Meet some of our senior team below, and feel free to get in touch for a chat about how we can help.


Managing Director


Creative Director


Technical Director


Head of Account Management


Head of Production


Digital Learning Designer


Digital Learning Developer


Script & Content Writer


Senior Designer


Senior Designer


2D & 3D Animator


Lead Developer


Mobile Developer


Commercial Manager


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